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My name in lights on Broadway

Times Square, New York

New York Fashion Week

I photographed Rosemary Wendt (née Lloyd) for a billboard in Times Square, Broadway.

The billboard was by Steadfast Creative Arts Production and Rosemary was billed as “International Beauty Queen Grand Champion UK”. Here are a couple of photos of the billboard in Times Square, plus a version of the artwork by Francis Bernardo.

I am very grateful to Grace Brucal of Steadfast Creative Arts Production for including my name and website address on the billboard. So my name really has been in lights on Broadway.

More images of Rosemary from the photoshoot

Here are five more photos of Rosemary from the photoshoot.

Rosmary did her own make up

There’s that famous dimple. Enough said.

Beauty photoshoots to the general public

I have a reputation among my fellow photographers for knowing a thing or two about lighting and beauty photography. I can be hired for beauty shoots, “model experience” photoshoots and model portfolio shoots.