COVID Precautions

Your photo shoot​

It is impossible to live without being exposed to risk. Ultimately it is our own responsibility to assess what level of risk is acceptable for us (and people for whom we are responsible).


I have had both my COVID jabs.

Outdoor photo shoots

When shooting outdoors we have the advantage of excellent ventilation and it is easy to maintain a healthy “social distance”. So I personally regard the risk of transmitting covid as relatively small. But everyone has to make their own decision.

Studio photo shoots

The studio itself

My studio is an extension to my home.

Not crowding the studio

I do not book more than one photo shoot on the same day. With care (by me and my clients) I can remain at least 2 meters distance from clients.


The covid virus is mainly transmitted through the air, and scientists believe that transmission via contaminated surfaces is minimal. Nevertheless prior to every photo shoot I wash down all surfaces (studio and bathroom) that are likely to be touched by visitors with hot water and a strong detergent solution which has been shown to inactivate the virus, and make surfaces safe.


It is desirable that windows are open for ventilation. If the weather is dry there can be plenty of ventilation. If it is raining I can only open a fairly small window in the studio, but other windows can be open elsewhere in the building to create a through draft.


People who are having their photos taken obviously won’t be wearing masks. I can wear a mask while clients are present and we can discuss this. (I wear glasses and there is a misting up problem, but I am happy to wear a mask if it makes my clients feel more comfortable).

Hand washing

Hands can be washed in the studio area using a liquid soap dispensor and “taps with arms” (ie they can be turned on and off without touching them with the hands).

Hands can also be washed in the bathroom.

Taps and bottles can be washed at the same time as hands to ensure there is effectively zero chance of transmitting the virus by handling bottles and taps.

Freshly laudered towels are put out for the exclusive use of clients.

The viewing session

After your photo shoot I will edit the photos before you view them. Prior to the pandemic all viewings took place in the studio. But since the pandemic started I have been putting photos online in password protected galleries (of course only at times when photo shoots could be done legally).

Now that things are getting back towards normal I am willing to do viewings either way, and my clients can choose which they prefer.

There are considerable advantages in doing the viewing in the studio;

  1. You can see the quality of the photos by viewing them on a huge correctly calibrated TV
  2. You can handle sample products
  3. We can discuss any additional editing that may be appropriate
  4. I can show you what framed pictures will look like on your own walls in your own homes at correct size (subject to you providing photos of your walls, instructions will be provided). This is a huge benefit when it comes to deciding what is the best size to buy.