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Fitness photo shoot with black fitness model Yollanda Musa

Starting photo shoots again after the lockdown

This fitness photo shoot came like a breath of fresh air. After several months of not doing photo shoots of any kind (because of the covid-19 lockdown), I was offered the chance to do a fitness photo shoot with Yollanda Musa.

Black fitness model Yollanda Musa

Yollanda Musa is a beautiful black model with a very athletic physique. Standing at 5 feet and 2 inches tall in her bare feet, she has established a reputation as a photography model and fitness model. She has several thousand followers on instagram and you can read an interview with Yollanda Musa here.

Outdoor location photo shoots

My photo studio is still closed because of covid-19 (I am writing these words in early July 2020) but I can do photo shoots outdoors. That means I can use “social distancing” for the safety of myself and my clients. I enjoy doing photo shoots outdoors, so it is all good. One just has to adapt to the weather sometimes!

Natural light

We were coming to the end of our fitness photo shoot when we found this empty car park. Just look at that brickwork and the curved wall! This location was crying out for a photo shoot! With the benefit of hindsight I should have taken a photo of this location so I could show it to you here. What you can’t see is that although covered, this car park is not enclosed. In fact Yollanda is facing a low wall which has a large space above, and the daylight is streaming through this space from the sky. You can see it gives a similar soft light to a HUGE soft box. If you are a photographer you can get a good idea by looking at the shadows, in particular the shadows of Yolly’s legs. And you see the direction of light and shadows on her body.

The creative team

Well, there wasn’t a team. Yolly did her own make up and I took her photos. The wig was from The Precious Collection by Sleek.