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“Out of a Story Book” Photo Shoot

Fantasy photo shoot

Location photo shoot with PortraitX

The photo shoot story line:

Megan and Nicole were inseparable childhood friends. When they grew up their friendship grew to love. Unfortunately Nicole died and Megan is haunted by the desolation of bereavement.

Megan often seeks solace in the beauty of the countryside and today she has gone to a silent spot in the woods. She wants to write a song about her friend that she misses so much. As Megan works on her song, her friend Nicole becomes more and more alive in her imagination.

Anyone who has experienced bereavement knows that grief is exhausting!

Overcome with tiredness, Megan lies down and dozes in the warm silence of the woodland. And gradually she drifts into a deep sleep.

As she lies asleep, Megan dreams. In her dream Nicole comes to her and takes her to a magical realm. There they dance and sing in the sun, and once again Megan can gaze openly into the eyes of her friend.

Magan feels happy again.

For a while.


Story line devised by Samantha Akasha Beck of PortraitX.

Story interpreted by photographer Ian Trayner.

Megan played by actress and model Megan Birley. As a general rule (and obviously there are exceptions) when I am working on a photo story I prefer to work with actors and actresses than models. Some models are able to convey mood and emotion, but may are not. Actors and actresses on the other hand are in general far mode accomplished is putting on subtle expressions that convey their inner thoughts and moods. Further links for Megan on IMDb, Mandy, StarNow and Spotlight.

Nicole played by fashion model Nicole Rosinska.

Make up on both models by Samantha Akasha Beck.

Additional lighting provided by off camera speedlights and high speed sync.