Photoshoots are truly unique gifts

I am collaborating with Chesmi Rodrigo (of Chesmi Bridal and Chesmi London) to offer some very special photoshoot packages to members of the general public. All of these photoshoot offers can be bought exclusively from Chesmi. Prices are likely to increase in 2023. These offers were originally designed to be beauty shoots done in collaboration with Chesmi. However I will honour these prices for ANY type of photoshoot I do. If you want a beauty shoot, I STRONGLY RECOMMEND you invest in Chesmi’s make up services if you want to reap the full rewards of your photoshoot!

How to book your shoot

1. Pay the booking fee to Chesmi (also make up if you need it)

  1. Photoshoot alone – £45 booking fee (usually £75)
  2. Photoshoot plus make up – £75 (includes £45 booking fee)
  3. Photoshoot plus hair and make up – £95 (includes £45 booking fee)

2. These are the photoshoot offers. Pay Ian Trayner, Circle of Life Photography

All the following include 5% discount on all additional photo products not included in the offer. Contact me for payment details.

  1. Photoshoot alone (no products included) – free (you have already paid Chesmi the booking fee)
  2. Photoshoot plus 24×20 inch framed picture – £365 (total saving of £70)
  3. Photoshoot plus 10 page album (like the sample album) – £300 (total saving of £65)
  4. Photoshoot plus 24×20 inch framed picture and 10 page album – £645 (total saving of £125)*

*Please note the amount saved includes £30 in Chesmi’s reduced price booking fee, which has been applied once

Organisation of the shoot

Arranging the photoshoot

If you just want a photoshoot without any hair and make up, pay Chesmi £45. She will give me your details and you can arrange your photoshoot with me. If you want Chesmi to do your hair and/or make up (this is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED for beauty shoots) we will liaise to find a suitable date.

If this is a gift and you want it to be a surprise, once payment has been made I will give you a personalised letter addressed to give to the person receving the gift.


Hair and make up will be done at Chesmi London; 22 Spring Grove Rd, Hounslow TW3 4BJ.

The photoshoot will be at my studio; 63 Cardinal Avenue, Kingston upon Thames, KT2 5RY. From outside the studio looks like an ordinary terraced house. There are no parking restrictions outside.

Pre-shoot consultation

After you have paid and before the photoshoot we need to discuss your shoot and plan it together. We can do this over the phone and/or e-mail if you want to show me some pictures that inspire you.

The photoshoot itself

Your photoshoot will be a special occasion. I want it to be an enjoyable and memorable experience. I never rush photoshoots and will allow you up to at least 4 hours if we need it. Having said which I work efficiently, and will not waste time unnecessarily.

For a beauty photoshoot I will allow you at least 4 hours in the studio if we need it. Within this time you can make changes to your costume, and I will make changes to lighting and backgrounds. My aim is to capture a variety of stunning professional photos that you will be proud of for ever.

The viewing session

When the photos have been edited you will be invited to my studio for a viewing session. This is when you choose which images you want in your framed picture and album (if you have bought these packages) and if you want to buy any additional photo products. You will receive 5% discount on any additional products you buy.

Terms and Conditions

To take advantage of offers 2-4 payment in full must be paid to the photographer prior to the photoshoot. Any model who is under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. For additional studio terms and conditions click here.