Photos from Rodeina’s Party

I have decided to provide the photos at TWO SIZES.

The top link will download a zip file containing photos that have been resized to 1600 pixels (along the longest edge). These photos are large enough for all computer uses.

Click here to download a zip file of 1600 pixel images (approx 180Mb)

But a little bird told me some people may want to make prints. So the bottom link is to images that have been resized to 4000 pixels along the longest side. This is large enough to print high quality at up to 16 inches. Please note the zip file is quite large.

Click here to download 4000 pixel images for printing (approx 1.1Gb)

I retain legal ownership of the copyright but I hereby give Rodeina permission to use the photos as if they were her own. I give the same permission to all of Rodeina’s children (Abi, Lucy, Gavin, Tom and Adam). Furthermore Rodeina can give the photos to anyone else she wants, along with permission to make their own prints and copies.