Welcome Megan

Hello Megan. Here are your new images. This is quite a large zip file (320Mb) so I recommend downloading with a computer rather than a phone.

Download the zip file (320Mb)

As before the zip file contains three folders;

  1. Full size jpegs for personal use
  2. jpegs for facebook (960 pixels along the longest side)
  3. jpegs for instagram. These are 2160 pixels along the longest side. I have labelled them “cautious” instagram because some of them may be too long and narrow to fit instagram properly. I shall leave what you do with them to your discretion 🙂

Useage licence

You have my permission to share the small jpegs as much as you want on condition that proper accreditation is given for everyone involved. That is to say myself (Ian Trayner) as the photographer, definitely. Sam was the make up artist so I think credit should be given where appropriate. I only hesitate because the make up is minimal and you have a very natural look. Perhaps I can leave this up to your own judgement? Or you can check with Sam.

The small images have my watermark, please do not remove this.