Cuttilan Family Photos

Here are the edited photos from your photo shoot. When you click on an image in the gallery the file number will be shown below the photo.

In principle I would like you to be able to order any products from my price list. But in practice I am a bit worried about sending framed pictures and canvases by post overseas. I will also need to find out how much it costs. I suggest if you want to order physical products you talk to me by e-mail.

Of course if you want to order high resolution digital files nothing could be simpler, because I can send them over the internet. I will sell individual high resolution digital files for £80 each. If you make a group order of more than ten you can take advantage of the discounts on my price list.

Information about high resolution digital files

The next two links are to pdf files. If you click on the link your browser should open them in a new tab. If you want to save them to your drive you can do a right click and “save as…” (or equivalent, depending on your browser).

My product price list

Prices for loose prints