Hello and welcome to your photos!

I am sending you my price list by e-mail, but for your convenience I have added a link to it here;

click here for my price list as a pdf file.

Please note I have just stopped supplying “luxury acylics” but haven’t had chance to remove them from the price list yet

I hope you like the photos. Just write down the file names of any photos you want to buy, and the type of product you want. Please note any photo you buy in any product will also be given to you as a complimentary 600 pixel digital file. These are too small for printing but are excellent for sharing by email and social media (they are 1.5 times larger than these images here).

I believe you bought a 20 page album last time? That is the most economic way of buying a large number of images. If you want to do that again you need to choose about 25 images. Or you can add some more pages (as in the price list).

Please note that the lab that makes these albums is going out of business in October, so I am not sure how much time we have (I have left them a message to find out). If we are too late there is no shortage of other labs that make albums, but I haven’t used any of them recently.

Question for Lindsay

It was a windy day, and your hair is blowing around quite a bit. Does this trouble you? If it does I can clean up the hair a fair amount. But it takes quite a lot of time, so I will only do it on photos you decide to buy.