I am thinking of two looks. The first a simple very well done beauty look. The second something dramatic. Please feel free to suggest your own ideas for the latter.

I want to take photos with my foam armour (if we can get it to fit well enough) and I think it will be nice to use the armour with both looks. It may be that the helmet won’t really “go with” the strong look. We shall have to find out.

Prys from Bladerunner

When I started looking for images I was thinking of eyes like Prys has from Bladerunner. There are two images of her here, black across the eyes. In the film you actually see the black being sprayed across her eyes. I think the first of these two images is a copy of the look. It is not as extreme anyway

But perhaps a dark red rather than black? Or purple?

There are two unknowns (to me). The first is if it is even practical to think of doing something like that? This is a question for Chesmi. And the second is how it would look with the Greek helmet (a question to be asked here I think). If it isn’t practical to even think of large areas of colour we can discount this idea.

But if it is practical to do large areas of colour I am open to the possibility, and creating other looks. For example if Chesmi really wants to do something like that and comes up with a plan? I found these examples online. I am not going so far as to suggest we do something like this, but I want you (Chesmi) to know I am open to the idea. Not sure about the crescent in the second image. I suspect taking the colour right up to the hair line may make it unnecessarily complicated too?

Further inspiration

I do like the idea of having some very strong colour around Phyll’s eyes. Here are some I think are worth considering. I particularly like the purple on the black model. I suspect dark skin probably needs stronger colours than pale skin? I just notice there is a slightly different colour below the eye and it works well imho. I did find it a bit frustrating finding so few photos of make up on dark skin! And what about Phyll’s cheeks? I THINK the model in that photo has darkening make up to show off her cheekbones? Maybe something similar, to the appropriate degree (not trying to teach you your craft Chesmi!). Or maybe even strong black lines (like warpaint)? Perhaps two on each side, diagonally (lower at the mouth end). Perhaps we should decide things like that when are in the studio.

I think the bright blue is too bright and blue.

But wot U think? You are more expert than me 🙂

Here are some things I don’t like (below)

I don’t like the extreme black and pointy bits on the first. I don’t like the shape of the mouth on the second (at the corners and the middle at the top). And I think there are too many colours in the third. I want something striking but fairly simple without too many colours.

Choice of colours

I find myself attracted to dark reds and purple. Perhaps avoid bright or pale colours?