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“Thanks again for your time and effort with these photos, they are truly amazing and captured everything we were looking for.”
Matt and Sanna

Baby and maternity photography

Why maternity photography?

Maternity photography (ie pregnancy photography) is not for everyone.

But pregnancy is a wonderful and miraculous experience, and although it may seem to last forever (especially towards the end) it will be over before you know it. And then it won't be repeated (not for this baby anyway).

You may feel uncomfortable. You may think that you don't look your best... but there is a real beauty in pregnancy! Women are not meant to look slim and elegant while pregnant! It is a completely different kind of beauty, that comes from giving life to your child.

I can help you to capture this special time in your life in beautiful images. Together we will capture the beautiful miracle that is your pending motherhood. And we will do it without showing how heavy and uncomfortable you feel!

A photographic gift to your child

In days to come you can amaze your child by telling them; "that is you in there!"

Beautiful pregnancy photography is not just a gift to ourselves. These images will be treasured by our children for years to come. And maybe even by our childrens' children?

When is the ideal time for maternity photography?

Each pregnancy will not be repeated, and you only look your "pregnant best" for a few weeks.

The ideal time for maternity photography is usually around 30 weeks. You want to look nicely pregnant, but not uncomfortably huge.

Bespoke maternity photo shoots - custom designed just for you

All my photo shoots are bespoke, that is to say they are designed just for you. After you have paid your booking fee (£75) we will have a pre-shoot consultation. I pride myself on finding out exactly what my clients want to end up with, and then doing my professional best to provide just that.

In general pre-shoot consultations are best done face to face in my studio. However most pregnant mums prefer to do these using a mixture of e-mails and talking on the phone. We can look at pictures, and discuss the styles of maternity photography that appeal to you.

When it comes to your photo shoot itself, I will allow plenty of time so we don't have to hurry. I am absolutely not a "production line" photographer. If appropriate, we can even do part of your photo shoot in my studio, and part on location. Unlike almost all other family photographers, I am happy to mix studio photography with location photography in my photo shoots.

We can even use smoke and dramatic lighting, if that is what appeals to you!


Newborn baby photography

"Newborn" has come to mean capturing babies in the first two, or at most three, weeks of their life. Capturing beautiful images of babies at this age is a specialised skill, and I will bring all my experience to bear.

At this age babies will go into a deep sleep, allowing them to be positioned sleeping in really cute positions. Because of the unpredictability of (most) birth dates, I always leave some room in my diary for booking newborn shoots at short notice. I allow up to four hours for these shoots because we will get better photos if your baby goest to sleep.


Baby's first year

Babies grow so fast you can't believe it, and professional baby photography will capture these precious memories for posterity.


Special deal for baby's first year

My standard booking fee is £75 (non refundable). If you want to come back to my studio for several shoots within your baby's first year, I will refund the booking fee for every shoot except the first. That is to say, when you come to the studio for your viewing for the second and third shoots, at that time I will refund the booking fee for the second and third shoots.. and so on.

booking a maternity or baby photo shoot