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Booking a professional photo shoot

[This document amended on 4 May 2019]

I offer two types of photo shoot

They are very similar to each other but one includes the services of a professional make up artist, and can be expanded to fill any remit;

The Standard Photo Shoot

Booking fee £75

Suitable for all family photography sessions that do not require the services of a professional make up artist;

  • Newborn
  • Maternity
  • Baby
  • Family
  • Pets

This is what you get for your investment;

  1. A pre-shoot consultation. We will discuss the style of photography, the location, and what products you are potentially interested in. It is best if we meet face to face in my studio for this consulation.
    Pregnant mums, mums with newborns, and clients who are not local will probably prefer to do this consultation using the phone and e-mail
  2. The photo shoot. This may last from 30 min to several hours (by agreement and as appropriate to our aims). I do not charge for extra time in the studio.
  3. After the images have been edited, you will be invited to view the photos in my studio. This is when you decide what you want to do with the photos. I specialize in supplying high quality wall art and photo books. I pride myself in the quality of my products. Click here to get a rough idea of prices and contact me for a current price list.


The Special Experience Photo Shoot

Booking fee £155

This is for people who want a bit extra. The cost of your photo shoot will depend on it's complexity. The booking fee covers the cost of professional make up (and hair) for one person. If we need to hire additional professional help, those costs must be paid at the beginning of the photo shoot at the very latest.

"Additional professional help" could potentially be just about anything. Typically it might be make up for an extra person, or "special effects" make up for a fantasy photo shoot. Or it may be hiring an unusual or outstanding location, or clothes. All of this will be agreed in advance of course;

  • Model experience (professional models who want to update their portfolio should contact me directly)
  • Fantasy and fashion
  • Storytelling


This is what you get

Whichever type of photo shoot you invest in, this is what you get;

  • All my photos shoot are designed specifically for you
  • You will get all my professional lighting skills and experience

Click here to read my photo studio terms and conditions.

Still undecided?

If you are have any questions please give me a ring, or book a no-obligation friendly chat in my photo studio (strictly by appointment only).


Commercial photography

If you want a quote for commercial photography (eg fashion, clothing or promotional shoots) or professional modelling portfolios please contact me directly for a quotation. As a guide, my standard commercial rate is £500 per day, or £300 for half a day. This buys you my time, my experience, my editing skills, a licence to use the photos, and the high resolution digital files themselves. Please note the rate is variable depending on the licence, which is influenced by what you want to do with the photographs (ie where and when they will be published).

Please note that with the exception of shoots that involve living models (eg clothes) I do not do "product photography". That is to say I don't take photos of shoes, boxes, toys, jewellery etc, etc, for product catalogues. If you want a photographer for this type of work, google "packshot photography" or "packshot photographer".