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“Thanks so much the pics are amazing, but most importantly you have captured a picture of my mum with her eyes open and smiling... you're a genius LOL”
Liz Charles

Beauty photography

What can one say about "beauty photography"?

I will let the images do the talking...


I am compelled to add that photographing "for beauty" is one of my favourite specialist fields. I love the variety that is available. I could never get tired of photographing for beauty, partly because every face is different.

Each person's face is unique, and calls for it's own lighting. Completely different styles can be captured using different lighting techniques, and it is my job to use lighting that will flatter my subject, and show her (or him) off to best advantage. For example, a lovely "round face" will not be flattered by hard lighting that could be used to dramatic effect on a "sharp" face.

I love the variety, I love the technical aspects, and I love the beauty itself.

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