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“Thanks again for your time and effort with these photos, they are truly amazing and captured everything we were looking for.”
Matt and Sanna

About your photographer

I am a qualified professional photographer with experience in fashion, commercial and family photography.

I love creating images that have impact and meaning. This applies to family photography just as much as commercial and fashion photography.

I bring my knowledge and experience of fashion photography to the general public. I genuinely enjoy meeting, photographing, and selling products to "ordinary people" in "ordinary families".

Over the years I have invested heavily in professional photography training, and I continually work to improve my craft.

I have qualifications in professional bodies, and am a member of The Societies and The Royal Photographic Society.

I am also a photography tutor for PortraitX. That is to say I teach other photographers, and I have been described as a "genius with light" by my peers!

I am an official photographer for “Remember My Baby”. This is a UK charity that provides remembrance photography (free of charge) to parents losing their baby before, during or shortly after birth.

Although I am a professional photographer, I also take photos as a hobby. Mainly wildlife photography, because I have always had a love for nature and the outdoors.