I recommend you download them right away, rather than playing them in your browser (ie right click onthe link and “save as…”, depending on which browser you use)

I have numbered them, but of course you can change the file names to anything you want later.

New clips posted on 17 June

These two are a new clip and a replacement clip

Forearm wall slides (new clip shot against the door)

06 Incline DB press (replaces the clip in the list immediately below this, originally shot on 27 April

This lot shot on 27 April

01 DB quarter get up

02 half kneeling landmine press

03 One arm plank and rotation

04 Wide grip bent over row

05 DB/KB front rack carry

06 Incline DB press It might be good to record this one again because 2 of my cameras were blurred

07 Seated chin tuck with shoulder flexion

08 Band face pulls

09 Bent over one arm row

10 Serratus arm glide

11 Wall T spine rotation with arm sweep

12 Wall lats PNF stretch

13 Wall walk out holds

This lot shot on 29 April

A six point nod

B cross over pidgeon

C lunge rotate side bend

D side plank

E Copenhagen plank

F kneeling palloff press

G front racked single leg holds

H one arm heavy DB hold

I staggered DB dead lift

J Zercher single leg RDL

K single legged front racked squat

L glider slide outs

M pulley lateral lunge

panning shot of the studio