Liu Family photos

Hello Liu Family

Thank you for trusting me to do your family photo shoot. I enjoyed having you in my studio, and I hope you like the photos.

Click here to view your gallery. You will have to re-enter the same username and password. I recommend viewing on a computer rather than a phone.

If you want to order products, or discuss any of the photos, you can identify them by the cell number on the index pages, or by the file number on the image pages (I only need the final 4 digits of the file number).


  1. These photos probably look finished to you because you can only see them small. But all photos you buy will undergo a final edit that consists of removing small unwanted things. For example white fluff on dark trousers, black marks on the floor, and most importantly temporary blemishes on the skin. That means “spots” or areas of inflammation. My own view is that all temporary blemishes should probably be removed, but permanent features (eg birth marks) should probably remain. However I always consult with my clients. This service is included in the price of course.
  2. The final shape of the photos can be changed. This is very easy to do because they are all on a white background. So I can crop to different shapes or extend the boundaries if necessary. At the moment they are all cropped to standard print proportions (eg square, 5×4 or 3×2).
  3. If you want to buy any framed pictures or canvases for your walls I have some very useful software that can show you what your picture will look like on your wall at actual size. If you want to take advantage of this I can give you instructions for taking photos of your walls. The software also shows what the frames I supply look like. But if you want to look at real frame samples you can see some chevrons at my studio.
  4. It is now 2022 (Happy New Year to you all) but we will use my 2021 product price list.  I don’t know what products you will want to buy, but if you want to visit my studio to see samples of products you can make an appointment. If you want to see the photos larger we can turn it into a viewing session. I don’t usually sell loose prints, but you may want to send loose prints to Hong Kong. This is my price list for loose prints.

If you want a viewing session

There are some advantages in viewing the photos in the studio;

  1. You can see the quality of the photos by viewing them on a huge correctly calibrated TV or on a computer monitor
  2. You can handle sample products
  3. We can discuss any additional editing that may be appropriate
  4. I can show you on a large TV what framed pictures will look like at actual size (eg I can display a 20×16 inch canvas at 20×16 inches on the TV). NB This is a different functionality than point 3 in the previous notes – but of course I can also do that on the larger TV screen.