Hello, and greetings from the UK

Click this link to download the files (approx 190Mb)

It will download a zip file containing three folders of images;

  1. Large jpegs
  2. Jpegs optimised for instagram
  3. Jpegs optimised for facebook

I have tested the link successfully, but if you have any problems or questions send me an e-mail at ian@circleoflifephotography.co.uk

The reason there are small discrepancies in the total number of images in each folder is because I am providing some images in two versions. But only when I think it might be useful.

I am providing all the hi res images in shapes to fit in standard frame sizes, should you wish to do that. Obviously you can crop them yourself if you want, but this way you shouldn’t have to.

I have also made sure all the images in the “instagram” folder will be acceptable to instagram without being cropped, but you might need to tell instagram what shape they are.

Please let me know when you have done the download so I can remove the files from my server 🙂