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“The pictures are stunning!”

Fashion styles of photography

There isn't a single standard definition of what "fashion photography" is. The term encompasses advertising, clothing, catwalk, and other types of "creative" photography

What I am offering is a breadth and variety in styling, and lighting, that comes from the world of commercial and fashion photography


Bringing "fashion style" photography to the general public

I love creating images that have impact

In principle the style of images you see in my galleries can be incorporated into your own photo shoots



All the photos on this site were taken by me, and in principle I can bring the same skills to your photo shoot. I can advise on whether particular styles of lighting would be appropriate for you

Some of these photos were taken in locations that are not local, or to which there is restricted access. If you want a photo shoot in an "exotic" location, we would have to plan for it on a case by case basis

Information about booking a photo shoot