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“Thanks again for your time and effort with these photos, they are truly amazing and captured everything we were looking for.”
Matt and Sanna

"Legendary Monsters" fantasy photo shoot

Location photo shoot in a church

It is not every day one has the opportunity to do a photo shoot inside a church. I had the good fortune to be invited to take part in an exotic fantasy photo shoot in a church and graveyard. We had permission (and contributed to the roof fund).

The theme of the photo shoot was "legendary monsters". It was organised by Steve Bird and I am very grateful to him for organising the shoot, and inviting me to participate as a photographer.

Accreditation is as follows;

Make up by Katie Johnson;

Frankenstein's monster - Valentin Kozsla

Bride of Frankenstein - Emmy Herman

Werewolves ("why does it smell of wet dog in here?") - Ady Wilce and his daughter Ariana


Make up by Becca Louise;

Dracula: Steve Bird

Mummy - Louise McCann (check out those special effects)

Phantom of the Opera - Darren Powell who you can find on instagram or facebook

Creature - Georgia Tooley


Make up by Emmy Herman;

Son of Frankenstein - Harley-Robin Evans

The Invisible Man - Ryan


Make up by Lilith May;

Dracula's Daughter - Lilth May did her own make up. The green light in the graveyard shots is provided by a speedlight with a green gel.


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