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“Thanks again for your time and effort with these photos, they are truly amazing and captured everything we were looking for.”
Matt and Sanna

This is how it works

I offer three types of shoot to the general public; the Standard Photo Shoot, the Model Experience and the Fantasy/Storytelling shoot

Whatever type of photo shoot you want, all my experience and lighting skills will be at your service. Whether you want something traditional, or a high fashion style, your photo shoot will be custom designed for you. Please look at my photo galleries for inspiration

If you are have any questions give me a ring, and if you are still undecided, why not come and have a friendly chat in my studio (by appointment only)


Standard photo shoot

This includes all types of family shoots, including newborn babies, pets, and "fashion style" family shoots

My booking fee is £75 (non-refundable). This gets you;

  1. A pre-shoot consultation
    We will discuss what you want to end up with, and how best to achieve that. We can discuss anything that might affect your photos, including choices of location, clothing, and photographic style. If you come to my studio, you can also look at the quality of my photographic products over a cup of coffee. All of this will help you decide what you want to get from your photo shoot. Pregnant mums, and mums with newborns will probably prefer to do this consultation using the phone and e-mail
  2. The photo shoot itself
    I do not hurry my photo shoots, and I never book more than one photo shoot a day. I allow up to four hours for a newborn baby shoot
  3. A viewing session
    You will be invited back to my studio to see your photos and decide what you want to do with them


The "Model Experience" photo shoot

The booking fee is £200 (non-refundable) and this is what you get for that investment;

  1. A Pre-shoot consultation
    Prior to the shoot date we will plan your photo shoot. It is best that you come to my studio for this. We will sit down and discuss in depth what kind of look, or looks, you want to achieve. We can look at samples of my own work and any pictures you bring with you.
  2. Makeover from a professional make up artist
    We will call upon the skills of a professional hair and make up artist to make you look amazing
  3. Three hours shooting time in the studio
    We will take some stunning photos of you
    You are responsible for bringing your own clothes, and you can change your clothes as many times as you wish within the available time
    Your time starts from when you first step in front of the camera, fully made up and wearing your first outfit. You have three hours from that point
  4. A personalised "viewing" of the final images in my studio
    After the shoot we will book a time for your viewing session
    This is when you decide what you want to do with your images. The images you see will have been retouched to a certain standard, to give you a good idea of the final image. However because retouching is very time consuming, they may not have been retouched to a final magazine standard yet
  5. Final retouching as required
    We will take a close look at any of the images you want to buy as products, and decide if further retouching is required to bring them to fashion magazine standard


Fantasy and storytelling photo shoots

These are highly specialized custom shoots that I need to quote for individually.


Commercial photography

If you want a quote for commercial photography please contact me directly. For example promotional shoots, clothing and fashion